LYNX FORWARD: Pine Hills Transit Center

The Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority (LYNX) is undertaking the design and construction of a new transit center in the Pine Hills area located near the intersection of Belco Drive and Silver Star Road in Orange County. Fulfilling the LYNX FORWARD goals, the Pine Hills Transit Center will promote economic competitiveness, sustainability and quality of life in the area while simultaneously advancing a dynamic transit system and delivering a seamless network of services by enhancing customer experiences.

The Pine Hills Transit Center project, through a preliminary design and value engineering exercise, has developed a refined site plan (see refined plan above). The plan is similar to the one developed through the initial concept phase, with three key refinements, given current project budget considerations:

  1. The canopy over the main bus plaza has been refined.  Two options are now being considered to take into final design, as illustrated below.  LYNX would like to receive public input on which one is preferred. The colors are just for illustration, so the focus of your review should be on the basic look of the canopy design.

  2. The original planned LYNX services building on the site was to house a drivers lounge, operator restrooms, and customer service and security.  In the current design the size of the building has been reduced by eliminating the drivers lounge.

  3. The parking on the west side of the site has been optimized to reflect what is needed for the service building and to provide trail head parking for the Pine Hills Trail as well as overflow parking for the Urban League.  The balance will be open green space.

BUS PLAZA CANOPY SURVEY: Pine Hills Transit Center

Please take a moment and let us know which Bus Plaza Canopy design you prefer for the Pine Hills Transit Center.

Option #1

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Option #2

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Canopy Survey

With added public input, a final canopy design will be chosen, with details then integrated into the final design.  LYNX will then go back to Orange County to obtain final site development approval, with final design then proceeding.  It is estimated that the project will proceed to construction in the spring of 2020.

Responses to the survey are desired by November 26.  Your input would be appreciated.