The Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority (LYNX) is undertaking the design and construction of a new transit center in the Pine Hills area located near the intersection of Belco Drive and Silver Star Road in Orange County.

Phase 1 of the design effort is intended to include public outreach and input for the program elements of the facility resulting in 15% conceptual design documents, cost estimates, and specifications. Phase 2 will include Final Design to include plan documents conformed for construction, permitting, and continued public input for final design. Phase 3 will include Construction, Engineering, and Inspection Services.

LYNX has received Federal Transit Administration approval through the federal government’s Environmental Review process as well as the required land use and zoning changes through Orange County.  LYNX has successfully completed the purchase of this property as well as secured funding through a Ladders of Opportunity grant for this project.  The anticipated construction cost is $3 million.

The facility is anticipated to be a new prototype that is distinctly different from current LYNX open-air style facilities.  In addition to protecting customers from inclement weather conditions, the facility will be a highly visible architectural element with the ability to enhance the unique identity of Pine Hills.  Extensive coordination with Orange County and the local community is anticipated.

In addition, the community has voiced their desire to ensure that they are an integral part of the design and construction process. As such, the project team will closely coordinate with local interest groups and general public to provide multiple communication forums to inform the public throughout the project.

The design effort involves several tasks, including project management, existing conditions analysis, programming and conceptual design, public and agency involvement, design documentation, construction documents, permitting, and construction services.

The project location is at Belco Drive and Silver Star Road and is fully owned by LYNX. LYNX retains all maintenance responsibility for the property. Adjacent to the property to the north is a building used by the Central Florida Urban League and is not part of this project.