Pine Hills Transit Center is anticipated to be a new prototype that is distinctly different from current LYNX open-air style facilities.  In addition to protecting customers from inclement weather conditions, the facility will be a highly visible architectural element with the ability to enhance the unique identity of Pine Hills.  Extensive coordination with Orange County and the local community is anticipated.

At minimum, the transit center will require:

  • Space for 8-10 buses, including articulated 60-foot buses, and circulation drive
  • Integration with the Pine Hills Trail
  • Amenities to include, but not be limited to:
    • Potential for 50,000 square foot building to serve passengers and the community
    • Bus pass purchase
    • Real time arrival and departure information
    • Safety and Security improvements
    • Off board fare payment such as mobile ticketing
    • Pick up/Drop Off area with parking
    • Bicycle parking/bike share



The LYNX Pine Hills Transit Center is a new prototype that is distinctly different from current LYNX open-air style facilities offering numerous benefits to the commuters and surrounding community. Fulfilling the LYNX FORWARD goals, the Pine Hills Transit Center will impact and benefit the commuters and surrounding Pine Hills Community in the following ways:

  1. Promote economic competitiveness, sustainability and quality of life
  2. Advance an equitable, dynamic and performance driven transit system
  3. Deliver a seamless network of transportation services for the region
  4. Enhance customer experience and communication

Arts & cultural elements

Accessibility for pedestrians

Sustainable elements

Community & event integration