The community is actively encouraged to participate in the Pine Hills Transit Center design by providing valuable input on the facility programming, input on basic layout of facility and spreading the word to the community for more participation. Please fill out the form below to receive more information on the neighborhood meeting briefings and small group meetings.

As Pine Hills continues forward, we will continue to update this website to ensure you are kept informed of our progress. Click here to view the latest briefings and check out our social media channels, too, to stay up to date.


December 11, 2018
Pine Hills Bus Transit Center Community Design Workshop #2

October 26, 2018
Central Florida Urban League Board Meeting

Project Steering Committee Meeting #3
May 18, 2018

Pine Hills Bus Transit Center Community Design Workshop
April 21, 2018

Future Leaders United – Evans High School Students
February 27, 2018
March 13, 2018
March 27, 2018

Pine Hills Community Council
March 6, 2018

Pine Hills Neighborhood Improvement District
March 8, 2018

Forest Park Homeowners Association
March 8, 2018

Pine Hills Safe Neighborhood Association
March 8, 2018